We currently have over 900 children on the school’s and Childcare Centre roles. We also have weekly Stay and Play sessions for babies, toddlers and three to four year olds in our Children’s Centre. Our children come from many cultures (see Pie Chart below) and speak around 53 different languages between them. They are fully aware of each others cultural similarities and differences, working and playing together harmoniously. We currently have extra classes in Year 2, 5, 6; an additional Year 1 class starts in Summer Term 2015. From September 2015 the extra classes will be in Years 5, 3 and 2. Mobility, at 28%, is double national average which means that our children are confident in meeting and welcoming new children to their classes throughout the year.   While 81% have English as a second or third language, and 97% are from different BME backgrounds, within an area of many disadvantages (deprivation is more than twice the national average) they all understand that what determines their success is having a positive attitude to success.  Our children’s behaviour was rated as ‘outstanding’ in our last OFSTED inspection (December 2012) and continues to be so, enabling the teachers to focus on teaching and learning. They are a joy!

Ethnicity Pie Chart.