Humanities Trip

On 8th October 2018, 15 children from Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to visit Pymmes Park to complete a fieldwork project with the charity Thames 21 ( Thames 21 works to improve London’s rivers and waterways and ensure they are kept clean for wildlife and people. The children were studying the underground river, Pymmes Brook, which flows through Edmonton and is a tributary of the River Lea.

First of all, the children had to use their map reading skills and compass to locate where Pymmes Brook enters the park. Once they had found it, they learnt about the different types of waste that pollute the Pymmes Brook and sorted them into different categories. The pollution is caused by littering, run off from the road and also misconnections of drainage at home. The children completed a litter survey of the waterways in the park and witnessed the pollution first hand.  Thankfully, Thames 21 has created a wetland in Pymmes Park with a set of connected filtering pools to clean the water. This wetland is a fantastic habitat for wildlife and plants and the children helped to maintain this by planting daffodil bulbs which will look beautiful in the springtime!  Many thanks to Thames 21 who provided this opportunity free of charge.