Mavericks Medics Science Workshop

Medical Mavericks Poster

Mavericks Medics is a Science workshop who worked with our Year 6 children, giving them real life experience based on their work on the body.  A specialist team worked with the children and provided first-hand experience and children carried out a range of scientific activities.

During the workshop, pupils were able to:

– Record and print an ECG from your heart

– See inside your eye with a specially adapted iPhone

– See inside their body with an Ultrasound machine

– See how much air you can fit inside your lungs with a spirometer

– Use a real needle to take fake blood out of an arm (a fake arm)

– Explore Colin the Colon with an Endoscope camera

– Fit an airway into Eddy the Head

– Take a set of medical observations including blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels

– Experience different eye diseases with our special pathology goggles

– Try Key Hole Surgery! ​

The day was a great success and both adults and children learnt scientific knowledge about the way the human body works.