It is currently a statutory requirement for children at Key Stage 2 to learn a Modern Foreign Language and this became statutory, in September 2014.

Raynham Primary School has chosen to deliver Spanish as its Modern Foreign Language, as it is widely spoken throughout the world, with 23 countries who have Spanish as their main language.

In delivering MFL at Raynham Primary School, we aim to foster an enjoyment of languages and successful language acquisition, through quality teaching, a meaningful and engaging syllabus and cross-curricular links where possible.

Spanish is delivered to Key Stage 2 children in Years 3, 4 and 5 for 40 minutes per week.  MFL is taught by one teacher across the year groups and is delivered during the Year group’s PPA time.

Each Spanish topic is taught for 6 weeks, with the first and second week focussing on key vocabulary and oracy skills.  Spanish is taught in a multi-sensory way with each new topic having an accompanying song with interactive whiteboards/flashcards used, to provide children with the written word and an image to accompany the word during each lesson. All year groups have a “key vocabulary” folder to support them further, with the written word and image for each topic taught, in Spanish and English.

Although individual recording of children’s work is not compulsory, Raynham has chosen to provide children with their own exercise books for recording to help them to remember key vocabulary from topics already taught. The spiral curriculum is an important factor when teaching a Modern Foreign Language, since although children are quick to learn the new vocabulary they can easily forget unless regular revision takes place. These books stay with the children from Year 3 through to Year 5. The children also produce work at the end of most topics, which is made into books to read and share in our school library.