Extended School Activities

At Raynham we pride ourselves with our extended school activities and believe all our children should have access to a range of morning and after school clubs.

Extended school activities are held before or after school and are put in place to challenge our children to learn a range of different skills and techniques that are inclusive, maintain consistent levels of competitive skills and are challenging and boost confidence  – while remaining fun and enjoyable for all participants.

A range of skills and abilities techniques can be applied to a variety of sport and physical activities. Therefore, as a school we focus on the development of the motor skills that provide a sound base for continued involvement in sports, recreation and academic achievement. This can lead to healthy lifestyle choices and other social benefits, while increasing levels of exercise, fitness and support academic learning.

Our clubs are oversubscribed and we work on a first come first served basis, so if you would like your child to become a member of one of our clubs, please ask the school office for an Extended School Activities form.