SHINE Saturday School

SHINE @ Raynham and St John & St James is a Saturday school in partnership with Raynham and St John & St James with sessions being held at Raynham.

SHINE is designed to raise achievement in the core academic subjects through high quality, creative and practical learning.

Some of the key features included: high quality teaching, individual attention to your child’s needs, extra support with their work, fun visits and trips.

SHINE @ Raynham and St John & St James ran for 25 Saturdays throughout 2016/17, between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm. The students were from years 5 and 6.

This year was our second successful year. We embarked on a new and exciting project called “The Life Learning Project”.

This project was an educational experience set up to give our students an insight into the basic knowledge of how the employment world works.

Designed to empower students, “The Life Learning Project” gave students the confidence to challenge themselves and inspired them to make sensible decisions, become more independent to make the right choices and take opportunities which in turn promoted employability within the project and helped students to save or spend money they earned.

We would like to thank the students of SHINE @ Raynham and St John & St James Saturday School for their high level of attendance, punctuality, and commitment.

We would like send huge congratulations to all the students for graduating on Saturday 20 May 2017.

Some quotes from the students:

“I came to Saturday School because I wanted to improve my maths, spellings and get ready for SATs so it can improve my grades when I get to secondary school. I give Saturday School 10 out of 10”.

“At SHINE, I really enjoyed working in our tuck shop and the life experiences”.

“The smaller classes were beneficial to my learning because I felt more confident and the teacher could help me”.

“I found the smaller classes beneficial to my learning because since there are fewer children in the class, the teacher can focus on you more”.

“My favourite subject was sports. When I grow up I want to be an athlete, so when we do running it helps boost up my energy levels and helps me be more like Usain Bolt”.

“My favourite trip was Ice-skating because it was the first time I had ever skated and I fell a lot but I learnt how to skate by the end of the session”.

“It’s a good way to make friends and learn, especially when we have amazing teachers”.

“I think Saturday school is fun and exciting too, because you learn about things different from school and you tell all your friends what you have learnt when you get back to school on Monday”
Kashia Anderson

“Saturday School is very beneficial for those who are struggling with maths or English. It is also a great chance to develop art skills. Plus as a treat you still have fun in PE”
Cianna Moses

“You should join Saturday school because it’s fun and you never get bored learning in different ways”

Thank you SHINE @ Raynham and St John & St James Saturday school for the joy and laughter and fun that you have given to me. I am in year 6 and cannot come again next year but I promise to tell the future year 6 to come to SHINE”.