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Raynham Primary is a great school.  It is a larger than average sized school with 880 children aged two to eleven on roll and Raynham Children’s Centre Hub with three ‘Spokes’ offering a wide range of extended school activities and community programmes.

Our school is made up of two buildings – our 3 storey Victorian building houses KS1 & 2 pupils, and our single storey building houses our Children’s Centre, 2 Community rooms, our Nursery, Reception Classes and our Nurture class.

Over the past six years we have taken additional children – we currently have three year groups with four classes. One of these classes, of 26 Year 1 children, started in the Summer term of 2014-15 and was housed in a renovated room on the main road – named Raynham Primary Annexe (10 mins from the school.) until they could be moved into the main school, and more recently (26 September 2016) we opened another Year 1 class, with 22 children.  The numbers in this class are expected to rise to 30.

Our children come from many cultures (40 countries), and speak several languages (currently 54).  They are aware of each other’s cultural similarities and differences, working and playing together harmoniously.  We currently have extra classes in years 6, 3 and 2.  There is a lot of movement of families in and out of the area.  28% of families join and leave us each year and is double the national average for families moving areas.  This means that our children are confident in meeting and welcoming new children to their classes throughout the year. Our buddy system ensures that all new children are made to feel welcomed and looked after.   While 81% have English as a second or third language, and 97% are from different BME backgrounds, within an area of many disadvantages (deprivation is twice the national average) they all understand that what determines their success is having a positive attitude and determination to succeed. Our children’s behaviour was rated as “outstanding” in our last OFSTED inspection (December 2012) and continues to be so, enabling the teachers to focus on teaching and learning.  Our children are a joy!

Our School/Children’s Centre is very much a hub for the local community offering a range of courses, drop-in sessions, Enfield Library Service and other services. The Leadership, including the Governing Body, have a very pro-active approach to the challenges.  Our “So What… Now What?” approach means that we are constantly striving to find new solutions to old problems facing the community.

We are a part of the Edmonton Schools Partnership.  We work and network with 20 other schools through shared projects to address some of the issues faced by our shared communities. As part of this network, in November 2015 we started the SHINE on Saturday Project in partnership with St John and St James Primary for pupils in Year 5 & 6.

We are heavily focused on giving children in this area the opportunities to make choices later in life.

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Ethnicity Pie Chart