Our Classes


Every class in Raynham is named after a country within a particular continent. For example, year 6’s continent is Asia, and the classes are 6 China, 6 Mongolia and 6 Oman. There is also a year group country for each year group – year 6’s is India.  Each class carries out a geographical study of their class country at the start of each school year, and later in the year, they all study their year group country. This pattern of study pertains across Early Years, KS1 and KS2. The youngest classes are named after local areas, whilst year 1 classes are named after the countries of the United Kingdom. Thus, over the years, the children’s horizons and general knowledge gradually widen.

We decided on this system so as to raise the profile of geography in the school, and to extend the children’s geographical and general knowledge. They learn not only generic geographical skills, such as map-reading and climates, but also ‘local’ knowledge, such as the industries of China and famous landmarks.

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